United States Latino American Chamber of Commerce exists to provide education, training, networking and advocacy to individuals, organizations, institutions, business professionals, Chambers of Commerce, trade and civic organizations, educational institutions and governments to promote, develop and advance business globally through strategic partnerships and platforms of services, with a specific focus in the United States and Latin American countries.


USLACC'S unique structure is built on a value based Platform of Services and Strategic Business Partnerships incorporating 7 core Platforms giving our Members branded, relational and relevant services in a competitive, fast-paced, technological, modern century, covering all facets of the business cycle including, advocacy, data and networking, training, events, continuing education, infrastructure and development, financial literacy, cross-platform and international trade access, political action and legislative representation, all available to our Members under our 501(C)(6), fully tax exempt Foundation, to take YOU to the next level in your Commerce activities.


USLACC is paving the way, as a committed leader in the creation of a global Latino Business Community with a unique, symbiotic business building model, bringing unparalleled value, efficiency and growth to our Sponsors, Members and Strategic Partnerships, for the 21st Century

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